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This is an album of songs done in studio during 2014 12 of over 40 songs recorded then. Enjoy...


released February 15, 2019

Special thanks to Silvertone Mastering , Larry DeVivo for wonderful time and top notch recording.


all rights reserved



PLAN-T Greenfield Center, New York

PLAN-T uses a variety of styles: folk, country, blues, rock&roll with some inspirational and gospel. Variety to entertain and enlighten, songs of current issues to educate, contemporary songs to empower and encourage people to use their gifts and abilities to come together as the great family of races we are. ... more

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Track Name: My Northern Exposure
1] Had my fill of capital land, heading north where the scenes are grand. Rather be dealing with the deer and bear than the jive the city folk doing down there. [chorus] I can hear mother nature calling me,to live my life the way it should be. The wilderness, My Northern Exposure, brings new depth to my soul and life to my songs. 2] Raging rivers and mountains high, I do believe I have touched the ski. My compass points one way that's clear, north where Canada is near. [chorus] 3] Wake in the morning to a wild birds song, put wood on the fire, be warm before long. Words on the news about this and that, just grab me a stick and my mountain hat.
4] I don't care if my telephone rings, I'm not missing a single thing. I'm not much for society but I've got a life where I feel free.
[chorus] ...
Track Name: Baby, You're So Fine
1] Came in the rain to your door, fixed your telephone and started looking for more. Cause Baby, You're So Fine. Hope someday you'll be mine.
2[ Started treating me like a friend, played some pool just wished those times wouldn't end. Cause Baby, You're so fine. Hope someday you'll be mine.... [chorus] An old fashioned country girl is so hard to find. All those years of searching were not wasted time. When you find the one that's right , you want to stand and shout ...true love is what I am talking about.
3] For your love, I'd do anything, sell my guitar and buy you a diamond ring. Cause Baby You're So Fine, hope someday you'll be mine
4] All this time our love has grown. I want to take your hand and become your only man. Cause Baby You're So Fine, hope someday you'll be mine
[chorus] An old fashioned country girl is so hard to find. All these years of searching were not wasted time. When you find the one that's right you want to stand and shout, true love is what I'm talking about........ Cause baby, Baby You're So Fine.
Track Name: The Mother Boogie
1] Leave the rat race and find a sweet place to set yourself down. Lose the noise and the clatter, don't worry about matters that might bring you down. It's The Mother Boogie and momma knows how to bring you around.
2] Close your eyes and imagine yourself out in the sun. Sounds of laughter, songbirds are singing, everybody's having fun. It's The Mother Boogie and momma knows just how it's done...[show em momma] ...[bridge]
3] The energy's flowing, your movements are showing that you've caught the groove. The smiles are appearing, with the music you're hearing you can't help it but move. It's The Mother Boogie and momma have you all dancing soon....[inst]...[bridge].... [inst]
4] In the evening, we'll all gather and surround the fire. Tell stories,sing and laugh, dance and drink untill we retire. It's The Mother Boogie and believe me you'll never get any higher.... [The Mother Boogie 2x] ...and that's how it's done.
Track Name: The Last Dinosaur
1] Bought himself an Indian in 1942, to see the country is what he chose to do. The bike and him became one where once they were two. Never learned to settle down like normal people do.
[chorus] Just an old biker. don't know what he's looking for. Traveling through the hills, the plains and to the shore. Cracked pipes of an Indian is a sound you can't ignore. Listen to the roar of the Last Dinosaur.
2] Started out a younger man, light heart and full of smiles.The years slipped away as he clocked a million miles. Wouldn't stop to talk for long it was not his style. His hearing faded away as he rode all the while.
3] The bike and he were wearing out riding 50 years. His heart grew heavy though he never shed a tear. Knew his end was coming soon and faced it with no fear, silence of the mighty machine he could no longer hear.
[chorus] ..... Can't you hear the roar of The Last Dinosaur?
Track Name: The Loose Woman Blues
1] I've got The Loose Woman Blues, dragging me down. Came home to my baby you know she's back downtown. Worked a long day and I'm hungery and I'm tired. Just to love my woman is my foremost desire. Like the mouse who went for the cheese and was had, it tastes so good then it hurt so bad.
2] Got a pistol in my pocket, one hand on the door. I stop and wonder what the hell I came here for. Had enough of this woman with her evil mind. Just strutting her stuff and wagging her tongue all the time. Gave her all I had, got nothing left to lose except these Loose Woman Blues.
3]Got The Loose Woman Blues, dragging me down, came home to my baby, of course she's not around.Packed some things, left the rest on the floor.Last time I'll be walking through that door. Gonna lose you baby and The Loose Woman Blues.... [gonna loose you baby]
[coda] Got The Loose Woman Blues, oh The Loose Woman Blues
Gonna lose you baby and these Loose Woman Blues.
Track Name: Help Me Go Home
1] I'm qualified to sing the blues. I ain't never had a good day. All I do is work, work, work while I hear how others play.Happiness is a state of mind that I have never known. From the day that I was born on the farm till I stand here now full grown.
{ chorus ] All I ask is for help to get home, won't you Help Me Go Home where I can deal with the blues.
2] This guitar is my only friend, should have known that from the start. Wemen have come and gone, somewhere I lost my heart. Funny how the people you know become so very cold. Once you're out in this world you can't believe what you're told.
[ chorus ] [bridge] ... Down, down, down, crushed to the ground, can't find my way back up again......
3] Being turned away, not so young anymore. Used to be opportunity now are locked doors. I'm standing in this crowd like a disconnected phone, got no way, no where to go except to head home.
[ chorus ]
Track Name: Makin My Way
1] Makin My Way, gonna make me a way out. Been down too long what I say now...gonna catch me a ride. Try living on the other side, gonna take me a ride.
2] Got out of court, man what a bad scene. Brokedown, unemployed , if you know what I mean. Injury added to shame, tired of playing these games,... it's driving me insane.
[ Chorus] It holds you tighter the more you try to get away. Accidents happen Lord you got to stay. I'll be leaving soon but that's what they all say. Been years now.. no ones got away.
3] Found myself between a rock and a hard place. Have to go back, try to save face. Walk right through that door, gonna catch some flak for sure, someday I'll even the score.
[chorus] Makin My Way [2x]
Track Name: Strong Man
1] Strong men know, don't let anger in your way. Strong men know you got to keep the faith. Strong men know when to turn and walk away. Strong men know to get up and seize the day. If I had the strenght of a strong man I wouldn't be who I am...... Strong Man.
2] Strong men know. to keep people satisfied. Strong men know that there's nothing there to hide. Strong men know about vanity and pride. Strong men know where to spend their time. If I had the sense of a strong man, I wouldn't be here again........ Strong Man.
3] Strong men know about doing right and wrong. Strong men know that people get along. Strong men know how to admit when they're wrong. Strong man knows to stand where he belongs. If I had the faith of a Strong Man, I wouldn't be who I am....... Strong Man.
Track Name: Red Car
1] Riding in my Red Car going down the street,
pulled behind another, with a girl looks so sweet.
Wearing big sunglasses, tapping her fingers on her door.
Smiling in the mirror it's what I'm looking for.
[chorus] I want to rock with you, rock the whole day through.
We'll go real far in my Red Car.
2] We shared the road an hour, went town to town.
Feeling really frisky when a red light shut me down.
I'm looking around, gonna find that girl. If we got together, you know we'd
shake the world.... [chorus ] ......inst
3] Kept driving looking left and right,
scanned the horizon , she was no where in sight. Then, there she was in a parking lot. With a local dealer and I'll tell you what!
I want nothing to do, with a girl like you. I'm going real far, in my Red Car.
Track Name: Party Going Down Here
1]The phone is ringing off the wall, everybody's here, who could call?
The driveways full and so's the lawn, there's cars parked down the road beyond.. sure looks like a Party Going Down Here.[2x]
2] The girls invited just a few friends, will this line ever end?
There's a key of beer over by the woods and people are starting to feel good... Yeah, there's a Party Going Down Here...[2x]
[Bridge] I'll just let this slide. people are on my side. Party on but don't wreck the place or you'll be out on your face.
3] Dude Tom says he's got the stuff, always seems to have enough.
Truckload of wood by the fire, every one is high and getting higher.
Yeah there's a Party Going Down Here..... [2x]
4] Tables of food are all filled up. don't get caught with an empty cup.
If you need a ride Al's the dude, just don't get all sloppy and rude....
man, there's a Party Going Down Here..... [2x].. [INST].....repeat.
Track Name: You're The One
1] I've traveled far and wide, got alot of people on my side.
But I've got no-one without you baby.
Each new place I see brings memories back to me.
Memories we shared long ago. Now I'm running in the wrong direction, I should be running home to you.
Don't want to swallow my pride but so deep inside, I can't hold out no more
2] Now I've joined the band seen alot of this great land,
Seen a lot of pretty faces.
There's a few I've tried and honey I won't lie.
None can compare with you.
But there's money to make in Vegas, think we finally found a break
Each night I'm alone, the hunger has grown, I just dream of you.
3] I've travelled far and wide, got alot of people on my side.
But I.ve got no-one without you baby.
Each new place I see brings memories back to me.
Memories we shared long ago......
Now I'm comming straight home to you girl, I have searched,
Know my love is true...gotta catch the express, sorry boys and the rest but this is something I have to do...You're The One and I'm comming home to you....You're The One and I'm comming home babe.
You're The One, You're The One
Track Name: 20-14 [Twentyfirst Century]
See the light [3x
!] See the light, know there's more options through other doors.
Feel the power of the choice you seek
We're all lions but we bleat like sheep.
What are you gonna say, when they come, take you away...
Here they come 2 by 2, looking to oppress you.....
2] Wake up now, we're all here, Tyranny, force fed fear.
It's just-us take a bite, take them out, it's our birth-rite.
What are you , gonna say , when they come take you away. Here they come, 2 by 2, looking now to harvest you....
See the light [3x]
3] Yes it's true, lawfully over us there's no authority
We do not comply or consent. It's all you where our money is spent.
What are you gonna say when we come take you away.
Here we come, with a multitude, it's our turn to process you.... Hahaha.

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